Skilled programmers
at great prices

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We only have professional programmers with long business experience, and we are so sure about their skills, that if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, then we refund 100% of your first month payment. Full satisfaction or money back.

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MG MarketSoft is a subsidiary of Danish IT company SoftInform ApS ( in India. We provide top professional programmers at very competitive prices.


    If you want a modern website or webshop then contact us. Our Danish project manager takes care of the task, and our permanent senior developers in India (with whom you have no contact) develop a top professional WordPress solution that is easy to edit eg. change text and images. If you need specially designed components, we program them from scratch. MG MarketSoft is a Danish software company that goes all the way to ensure you a good result. “We make it happen”


    We develop advanced database solutions, large enterprise systems, web applications and much more. Our senior programmers work in MS SQL, .NET, Angular, PhP etc. and we stay updated of the latest technologies. All of our programmers have a 5 year university master and a minimum of 6 years of work experience. Therefore, expect top quality when working with MG MarketSoft.


    Our skilled web designers and graphic designers give your solutions a personal and individual touch that fits your wishes. At the same time, we ensure that the solution presents itself optimally on all platforms such as PC, Ipad and mobile phone.


    Our test team quality assures that your solution runs optimally in the most widespread browsers, and if you later need technical support, further development, advice or guidance we will of course gladly assist. MG MarketSoft gives you a future-proof solution that your company can grow with.


  • Project Management

    No Matter how big or small your software-project is we always provide good project managements. We handle reporting, development ressources, testing and technical support, and the only thing you need to do is provide a good and precise task description

  • Programmers

    All of our programmers are Senior Developers with a 5 year IT-university degree and a minimum of 6 years experience. To ensure a high quality we hire only the best and most skilled programmers, and it is no problem for us to recruit more

  • Test and Technical Support

    Our test team will check your solution in the most common browsers, and if required we have technical support available. As long as we have a cooperation, we are ready to maintain and develop further on your solution, when you need it.