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Soft.Inform have very skillful team leaders and programmers in India and we can easily recruit more qualified people to each of our groups whithin Web & Customized solutions, Open source & CMS, Design and Test & Support.


Do you have a big development project and need qualified outsourcing ressources?

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I am the CEO of Soft·Inform and I established the company back in 2010. Today i work from our Danish office and I am in charge of the whole organisation, both the Danish and Indian office. I havde worked in the IT-Industry for 36 years and therefor I contribute with great experience and know-how.


I am Country Manager for our Indian unit and I am responsible for providing technical expertise and navigation, and managing operations. Also I have been with the company since the beginning. Before Softinform, I worked with Enterprise applications related to Supply chain Management and Banks.

I have been working in IT for the last 12+ years with a keen interest in high-performance applications.

I have experience in software architecture, software development and leading team in Web development, Database development and testing and Enterprise application. I am involved in the core design of the company’s products and evolution. I hold a master degree in Information Science from Prestigious SP University.


I joined SoftInform in 2012 and today I serve as IT Manager of Products and Services. Initially, I started as a senior developer where I contributed to the company’s core product development, but now I am responsible for implementing technologies and develop strategies to enhance the products and services. My focus is on the customer and end-products.

I manage the developing team and collaborates with vendors that supply product and service ressources. I have over 12 years of experience in the software and services field.

Prior to joining SoftInform, I worked at CMMI level company as a Senior Software Engineer. I experienced professional software development, delivering software solutions in several industries, including eCommerce marketplaces, ERP, CRM, and many other verticals. I hold a Master degree in Computer Application.


I joined Soft·Inform In 2019 as Head of Sales and Marketing and my main responsibility is to manage sales and marketing activities. I initiate and administrate contact with our customers, oversee new development projects and handle general project management.

Furthermore I contribute to the development Soft·Inform’s products and services.

I hold a bachelors degree in International Sales and Marketing. Before Soft·Inform I worked in sales and marketing within Mobile Application services and Online Marketing.