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MG MarketSoft is founded by Michael Gøth and Gaurang Patel. Since it´s start in 2010 the company have been development center for very advanced credit & market information business solutions. The parent company is headquartered in Denmark, and the India subsidiary has grown to 15 employees mainly focusing on programming state-of-the-art solutions to our European partners.

More than 60+ man years have so far been used in unique modules like:

  • International company search
  • International market selection
  • International twin search
  • Prospect priority
  • Geocoding
  • Online datacleaning

We also focus now on clients in other industries and offer professional software development at great prices.


“To give you the simplest and safest way to success with external IT development”

Michael Gøth


We only have professional programmers with long business experience, and we are so sure about their skills, that if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, then we refund 100% of your first month payment. Full satisfaction or money back.

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I am the CEO of Soft·Inform and I established the company back in 2010. Today i work from our Danish office and I am in charge of the whole organisation, both the Danish and Indian office. I havde worked in the IT-Industry for 36 years and therefor I contribute with great experience and know-how.


I am Country Manager for our Indian unit and I am responsible for providing technical expertise and navigation, and managing operations. Also I have been with the company since the beginning. Before Softinform, I worked with Enterprise applications related to Supply chain Management and Banks.

I have been working in IT for the last 12+ years with a keen interest in high-performance applications.

I have experience in software architecture, software development and leading team in Web development, Database development and testing and Enterprise application. I am involved in the core design of the company’s products and evolution. I hold a master degree in Information Science from Prestigious SP University.


I joined SoftInform in 2012 and today I serve as IT Manager of Products and Services. Initially, I started as a senior developer where I contributed to the company’s core product development, but now I am responsible for implementing technologies and develop strategies to enhance the products and services. My focus is on the customer and end-products.

I manage the developing team and collaborates with vendors that supply product and service ressources. I have over 12 years of experience in the software and services field.

Prior to joining SoftInform, I worked at CMMI level company as a Senior Software Engineer. I experienced professional software development, delivering software solutions in several industries, including eCommerce marketplaces, ERP, CRM, and many other verticals. I hold a Master degree in Computer Application.


I joined Soft·Inform In 2019 as Head of Sales and Marketing and my main responsibility is to manage sales and marketing activities. I initiate and administrate contact with our customers, oversee new development projects and handle general project management.

Furthermore I contribute to the development Soft·Inform’s products and services.

I hold a bachelors degree in International Sales and Marketing. Before Soft·Inform I worked in sales and marketing within Mobile Application services and Online Marketing.